What is SEO and what magic powers does it possess?

With the world of technology rapidly advancing, ‘SEO’ is one term that you come across frequently and more often than not, pause to wonder what it stands for. Let us briefly walk you through all about SEO – what it is and how it can greatly boost the growth of your business.


To begin with, SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Breaking it down, ‘search engine’ is any platform where you type in your queries and get relevant information from the internet in return. For your reference, Google is a search engine. ‘Optimization’, in the computing language, translates to the rearrangement of data to make it more efficiently available. Put together, Search Engine Optimization means the process of ensuring that your website shows on top of search engine results when someone searches for anything relevant to your website. Now, how does this work and how does it cause your brand to thrive?


Before answering the first question, let us familiarize you with the term ‘keyword’. The word(s) that users type in search engine bars are called keyword(s). SEO works by assigning distinct and focused keywords to your website in order for it to rank high in search engine results; instead of using keywords that are very commonly searched, since that increases the competition against other websites, making it harder for yours to be amongst the top results.


As for the second question, if your website shows up at the top of search engine results, it is naturally bound to get more traffic since users are more inclined to click on the first few results that are relevant to their search. Greater traffic, in turn, increases the possibility of you gaining potential customers once they land on your website and become interested in the products / services that you have to offer. A higher ranking also improves your brand image, because users tend to consider top search engine results to be more authentic.


How to come up with the ‘right’ keywords, you may be wondering? Well, the first step is to figure out what words are relevant to your brand, which is referred to as formulating a ‘keyword strategy’. You can do this by considering the following:


  • What products / services is your brand offering?
  • The location where you are extending your services
  • Unique features about your brand that make it stand out


Once you have answered these questions, you can type them out on the ‘Google Ads’ keywords tool. In response, the tool will provide you a list of keywords that people generally use to search for the kind of products / services that your brand is offering. It will also tell you the frequency of search of those keywords and the intensity of competition against them. From this list, you can choose the most appropriate keywords to represent your website. The best way to go about it is to choose the keywords that are frequently searched but also have less competition. The former increases the chances of people coming across your website when they search something similar to your products / services. The latter improves the ranking of your website in search engine results. Together, it is an ultimate win.


Now that you have all the keywords relevant to your brand, the next step in SEO that plays a pivotal role in defining your website’s ranking is where you incorporate the keywords. Following are some vital areas to embed your keywords in:


  • Your website’s tile
  • The headings on your website’s pages
  • The URLs of your website
  • Tags on images on your website


With unique and focused keyword that have the ideal blend of search frequency and degree of competition, incorporated in primary places on your website, your website is bound to receive increased traffic, thereby expanding your customer-base.


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Now that you know all about SEO and its magical powers, what are you waiting for? Reserve an appointment with us now to find out more about how our SEO experts can help you out.

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