Top 5 Areas with Property for Sale in Islamabad

Real Estate in Islamabad is an ever-growing industry, with newly developing residential and commercial areas springing up from time to time. More often than not, these new locations offer some highly profiting options of property for sale in Islamabad. If you are looking to buy property in Islamabad, here are the top 5 areas with the best investment opportunities:


  1. DHA

A gated and walled society in Islamabad where you can find a variety of investment options in both residential and commercial sectors. Although still in developmental stage, DHA is populated to a good degree. The society is divided into 6 phases, most of which have already launched multiple projects that are now running successfully, and have many in the making currently. Scenic beauty and cutting-edge infrastructure are what make DHA stand out amidst the several investment options in Islamabad. The society’s unique features and wide range of facilities make it the top-most area to buy property in Islamabad.


  1. Bahria Enclave

Connected to the Park Road, Bahria Enclave enjoys a prime location in Islamabad that makes it easily accessible. Like DHA, it is also fully secure with boundary walls, giving it an edge on safety. Investment opportunities can be found in abundance here, since it is not fully populated yet and still in the middle of its development phase. Houses, apartment buildings, shopping plazas, and restaurants are a few of the prime areas that you can invest in here. Construction is progressing at a rapid pace at Bahria Enclave so make a quick move and check the project out for property for sale in Islamabad.


  1. Gulberg

Located at a central position in Islamabad, Gulberg is considered a popular zone of real estate in Islamabad. The project is divided into three categories: Gulberg Residencia, Gulberg Greens (farmhouses), and Gulberg Commercial. All 3 zones offer some great investment opportunities, with affordable down payment followed by flexible installments. Known for its aesthetically pleasing ambiance, Gulberg is attracting investors at a fast rate and rapidly expanding. It is proceeding towards becoming a small town on its own, making it a potentially profitable area.


  1. B-17

A new sector recently introduced to the capital city. Although still in its early developmental stage, B-17 is quickly progressing towards becoming a fully developed and highly populated sector of Islamabad. The prices of land here are also increasing with each passing day, making it an excellent choice to buy property in Islamabad, since it is bound to provide heavy return on investment. As the area is designated to become a full-fledged sector in the future, it offers multiple zones to invest in, with an abundance of plots for houses and shops.


  1. G-13

Another sector rapidly gaining value in real estate in Islamabad. Its direct linkage to Kashmir Highway – which connects to the entire capital city – gives it an edge on accessibility. Because it is still developing, the prices here are comparatively lower than the usual market rates of property for sale in Islamabad, making it the perfect time to invest here and benefit from the increasing value of your property in the very near future. You can find a wide range of investment options in G-13 in both residential and commercial zones.


Now that you know all the top places to buy property in Islamabad, make sure to check them out regularly till you come across the perfect property that meets all your requirements and preferences. Investing in the right place can do financial wonders for you!

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