The Twin Islands Project – An Investor’s Paradise

Bundal and Buddu are a pair of twin islands located close to the Karachi coast, in the vicinity of the Korangi Creek. The two islands cover an area of over 10,000 acres and have recently been acquired by the federal government as a developmental project. However, the islands will come under the provincial government of Sindh.

The Maritime Affairs Minister, Ali Haider Zaidi, along with the Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail, shared the government’s plan of turning the twin islands into two eco-friendly cities, as envisioned by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, who wants the constructional work on the project to begin soon and progress rapidly. A team is intended to be designated to work on this project, with representatives from the federal government, provincial governments, and other relevant departments.

The aforementioned authorities also shared some rough statistics, claiming that the Island project is expected to draw an investment of about $50 billion, which is bound to positively impact Pakistan’s economy as a whole. It is also going to provide approximately 150,000 job opportunities, increasing the revenue of Sindh. The project is aimed at serving as a top tourist destination and likely to attract around 5 million tourists, greatly contributing to the tourism and recreation industry of Pakistan.

If this project goes as planned, bringing to life all the facts and figures, it is going to be a golden opportunity in the world of real estate. Being full-fledged cities, the Bundal-Buddu islands will offer a vast variety of investment options, ranging from residential possessions to commercial ventures. Given the scenic beauty of the location and the intended status of the project being a ‘tourist destination’, it is bound to attract visitors and investors in great numbers, making it a smart investment choice. With the development of this project backed by the government, any legal obstacles are also ruled out, keeping the investment choice safe.

Despite being labeled as an environmentally friendly project by the government, the Regional Director of WWF Pakistan has shown concern to the current, ecologically fragile state of the area where the project is intended to develop, stating that constructional development might further harm the surrounding environment. He has suggested carrying out an environmental audit of the area and develop strategies accordingly, to be followed while carrying out the developmental processes in order to minimize environmental damage and make the project as eco-friendly as possible.

So far, these are all the details available on the Bundal-Buddu Island Project. As soon as the governmental authorities release more information about the progress of this project, we will update you accordingly.

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