Privacy Policy

  1. Protection of Data

    We, at iServe, are here to protect all of your personal data and information. Any sort of personal information shared with iServe while using any sort of our service will be rightly protected and fully guarded.

  2. How can we use your information?

    For the information provided to us by you, we can use the information in order to communicate with you in case of any queries or inconvenience you might be facing. Also, there is a possibility that we might be sharing some of your relevant information to the third party in order to improve the user experience on our website and other services. We won’t discard any of your information unless our corporate goal is achieved.

  3. Your information is safe

    We value your privacy and appreciate you reaching to us in this world of choices. We hereby assure you that your information is safe with us. In order to make it safer, we have therefore implemented the SSL Layer and HTTPS protocol for safer transactions. This will ease your mind out and eventually we won’t be able to keep any of your financial record with us. But let us just remind you that we are living in the world of technology, so nothing is 100% safe. It is always recommended that while using public systems or even your own system, kindly log out off your account every time to keep your information protected in all scenarios. It is also advised that it is safer for you and your information to not share your username or password with anyone. There are certain features which will require posting and displaying of your username which might include forums, comments, reviews section. As a strong recommendation, kindly avoid the posting of any confidential information in these sections.

  4. Notification Preferences

    Once you register with us, you are allowing us to communicate with you in several ways. This will allows us to send you the notifications, newsletters, email, text messages about any of the latest promotions or up gradations in our current services. In case of any change to the service, you will be notified. To amend or update your data with us, you need to contact our support team and they will take care of the rest. You might not be able to opt out of receiving the text notifications but we can hereby allow you to unsubscribe from receiving the newsletters and the emails. Apart from promotional notifications, you will probably be receiving any notifications regarding our technical glitches or any problem in the server connectivity. This is done to aware the users of the current situation of iServe. Please note that without your approval, your preferences and your data with iServe will not change and you cannot opt of receiving notification about any sort of transactional updates from your account. This is done to keep yourself posted for your own references.

  5. Revelation of information

    Please note that we are liable to disclose any of your personal information on rare occasions depending upon the sensitivity of the situation. This might be done in case of any legal or to fulfill any sort of court obligation. We do hope that you understand the fact that we might not require to inform you about the disclosure of information any time. In case, our business gets merged with another one, then in this case, your information will be shared with them as well. The same process will prevail if unfortunately we completely sale out our shares and get acquired with another business.

  6. Information we have

    Whenever, you will visit iServe, you will be sharing just a little bit more apart from your personal information. This will be done every time you will be accessing the services of iServe. Besides your personal data which will be shared by you, iServe will be accessing your Internet Protocol (IP) address. There are some general queries iServe will be asking you about your personal information which will include your name, email address, contact number, address and your city. Please note that reviewing this, you will allow iServe to communicate with you using any of the communication port in order to avail its service.
    In case of any ad/job posting, your contact details will be shared publically to make the task easier for you. By doing this, you are allowing yourself to be called open for communication. We cannot guarantee that you won’t be reached out only for limited/authorized service since your contact details will be shared publically.For all the debit/credit card purchases or sales, the services of a third party will be used.
    Please note that by providing us your details, you are hereby allowing the third party to keep and store your personal or financial data and you allow them to transact the charges that are applicable on using a certain service.

  7. Third Party

    We hereby have already announced that some of our services might even use the access of third party to help you avail the required service. This is done to improve the user experience and help our customers facilitate to the maximum. Please note that all the third parties are subjected to their own policies or terms of service. We do not hereby adhere to their policies and iServe is not responsible for any sort of services which you will be availing from a third party subjected to their terms and conditions.
    As a recommendation, we always ask our services to go through the privacy policies of the third parties in this scenario. Their cookies might be collecting your IP address, browser and operating system information as per their need but according to their own privacy policies.

  8. Cookies

    You might have come around the word ‘cookies’ while scrolling within your web browser. Cookies are small text files which store some of your data for ease, in case of your next visit. By using cookies, your previous visit’s stats will be stored within the system. In this case, the third party will also be storing some of your data in the cookies. We are only responsible for the cookies stored by us and not any sort of third party. In case, you don’t want us or any other third party to store your information, you can decline it but this can limit your access to some features.

  9. Subject to terms and conditions

    All the disputes in case of our privacy policy for your account are totally subjected to terms and conditions.